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Adobe Spark/Express for Reflection & Assessment

Learn creative ways to use Adobe Spark/Express Post and Video to engage and assess students, ease students’ transition back to the classroom with online activities, and/or reduce the time spent reviewing student work.

school Discipline(s): Any Discipline

Collaborative Digital Storytelling

Utilize VoiceThread in Education courses as a tool for collaboration, peer review, and assignment sharing. Since VoiceThread is often used within the classroom environment, these activities are also relevant to the students' future career.

school Discipline(s): Education

Dual Forms of Interaction: Using Rise and Google Forms

The pandemic presented an opportunity to transform traditional one-shot library instruction for foundational learning courses at Penn State. Penn State librarians pivoted to an asynchronous module which allowed them to maintain a presence in a required rhetoric and composition class in a way that is inherently scalable with insights into student thinking.

school Discipline(s): Any Discipline

Effective Use of Top Hat in Technology Education

Erica first started using Top Hat after having initially tried another tool for her class. She was already familiar with Top Hat, from when she was a part of Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) and worked with faculty members who used Top Hat. Despite this familiarity, she didn’t extensively experiment with Top Hat herself until she decided to incorporate it into her class to enhance student engagement. Currently, Erica uses Top Hat in two of her in-person classes: IST 130 – Emerging Technologies in Popular Culture and IST 389 – Leadership and Technology for Instruction.

school Discipline(s):

Elevating Student Interaction in Wellness Education

Karen has been using Top Hat for about 4-5 years, starting as part of a pilot program. She has effectively utilized Top Hat in two of her classes: KINES 72 – Walking for Fitness and KINES 81 – Wellness Theory. Karen uses different features in Top Hat to enhance student engagement by incorporating interactive elements. In addition, because her classes are hybrid, Karen uses specific features in Top Hat, such as attendance taking and presentation review, to effectively manage her classes.

school Discipline(s):

Enhancing Engagement in Large Community, Environment & Development Classes

Initially learning about Top Hat through a colleague, Tim was impressed by its potential for interactivity and attendance tracking in large classes. Tim then had the chance to develop a new in-person class: CED 102N – Wicked Problems Like Inequality, Sustainability & Climate Change: What’s the Right Thing to Do? The class, designed to help students develop skills to understand and analyze complex issues, faced the challenge of engaging a large group of students effectively. The primary goal was to enhance student participation and interaction in a large classroom setting. So, Tim turned to Top Hat to make that goal a reality.

school Discipline(s):

Enhancing STEM learning through 3-D Visualization and Digital Collaboration Tools

Use Google Jamboard, Google Docs, and Top Hat to create collaborative learning activities for labs at home or in the classroom.

school Discipline(s): STEM

From Gen Ed To Grad School: Active Reading With Perusall

Do you ever struggle with getting students to engage closely with readings, or talk specifically about a text? Gina and Lindsey will talk about their experience using Perusall, an online tool that turns readings into interactive discussions. Students can annotate alongside a text, reply to each other, and closely analyze a range of readings. They’ll discuss their experience using the app, how it works compared to classic discussion posts, and how it improved engagement in their courses.

school Discipline(s): Any Discipline

Integrity by Design

Improving writing revisions with Turnitin.

school Discipline(s): Social Sciences

Perusall: A Collaborative/Social Annotation Tool

Faculty discuss their use of Perusall for building community in their courses and increasing content engagement with journal articles, popular news articles, podcasts, and videos. Panelists discuss lessons learned, give examples of student discussions, and answer questions.

school Discipline(s): Any Discipline

Teaching Writing with Google Docs

Instructors share success storing and tips for using Google Docs to teach writing.

school Discipline(s): Any Discipline | English

The Use of Yammer as a Course Discussion Space

Utilize Yammer to encourage collaboration, connection, and meaningful discussion in a course.

school Discipline(s): Business

Transforming Classroom Dynamics in Hospitality Management

Kim has been using Top Hat for about a year and values its role in enhancing student engagement and participation in class. She uses Top Hat in three in-person classes of different sizes. The two classes where Kim incorporates a large portion of Top Hat activities are a large General Education class with about 180 students, HM 208 – Social, Cultural, and Health Influences of Alcohol, and a smaller class with 28 students, HM 330 – Food Production and Service Management. She also has a small lab-based class, HM 485 – Advanced Meeting and Event Management, that only utilizes the Top Hat attendance feature.

school Discipline(s):

Using Adobe Express in Your Course

Using Adobe Express as a Brochure and Journal Summary.

school Discipline(s): Nursing

VoiceThread for Blended Courses in Math and Science

Through the use of VoiceThread to present lecture information as an online resource, students in Abreu’s courses are able to learn more thoroughly and at a level that meets their individual instructional needs.

school Discipline(s): STEM

Web Page Creation in Adobe Express

Learn how Adobe Express (formerly Spark) Pages can replace more traditional assignment formats while still meeting the parameters and guidelines required to support learning objectives. In addition, this tool can be used to support a student-created brand with logos, flyers, and social media posts.

school Discipline(s): Communication | Rehabilitation