Transforming Classroom Dynamics in Hospitality Management

Case study first published in 2024.

Kim has been using Top Hat for about a year and values its role in enhancing student engagement and participation in class. She uses Top Hat in three in-person classes of different sizes. The two classes where Kim incorporates a large portion of Top Hat activities are a large General Education class with about 180 students, HM 208 – Social, Cultural, and Health Influences of Alcohol, and a smaller class with 28 students, HM 330 – Food Production and Service Management. She also has a small lab-based class, HM 485 – Advanced Meeting and Event Management, that only utilizes the Top Hat attendance feature.

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  • Kimberly Jean Cooper
    Instructor of Hospitality Management - School of Hospitality Management

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Transforming Classroom Dynamics in Hospitality Management

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