What is Piazza?

Piazza is a web-based application dedicated to creating more interaction inside and outside the classroom via polls, questions, and posts that can be made by both the instructors and students.

Accessibility & Privacy

If using this tool, including the following links in your course help meet Quality Matters (QM) Standards 6.4 and 8.6, respectively:

Additional Information

No license needed for the first 21 days of class. No license needed for a class of 25 students or fewer. Premium features such as polls, statistics, and class-locking capabilities are available only in the paid version. To use the unsupported Piazza version, switch to “contribution-supported” in “Manage Class” where users see prompts to make an optional financial contribution. Full licenses start at $379 per term. Discount or custom option requests are available. 

At a Glance

person Availability: Students, Faculty, Staff

paid Cost: Free with Limited Options

smartphone Mobile App: Yes

web Canvas Integration: Yes

dvr Supported Technologies: Computer, Mobile device, Internet

alarm Learning Curve: 30 mins - 1 hr

Practical Applications

Pedagogical Goals:

  • Create a Classroom Community
  • Have Asynchronous Conversations
  • Increase Student Collaboration Outside of Class
  • Increase Student Participation
  • Obtain Student Feedback
Associated Teaching Activities:
Ticket Out Door Ticket Out the Door Think Pair Share Think-Pair-Share Polling Polling Muddiest Point Muddiest Point Ice Breaker Questions Icebreaker Questions Background Knowledge Background Knowledge & Misconception Check