Ticket Out the Door

The Ticket Out the Door is sometimes also referred to as an “Exit Ticket” because students are asked to complete this short assessment in the final minutes of class and turn it in as they leave. The goal is to gauge where students are at the end of a lesson as a formative assessment, which can be graded or ungraded. The Ticket Out the Door can be an open-ended question or a few multiple-choice questions based on the lesson content. Once collected, the instructor should read the student responses to determine what topics may need further review in the next lesson.

Tools to Consider Using

  • Pencil and paper (in person)
  • Google Form (in person or online)
  • Canvas assignment – text entry response or a 2-3 question quiz (in person or online)

Evaluation: Review responses after class to identify topics needing further review. Next class, can highlight insightful responses.

At a Glance

Ticket Out Door

timerClass Time Requirements: < 10 Minutes

timerPreparation Time: Low

Bloom’s Levels:

Create info Putting materials together to form a unique product.
Evaluate info Making judgments based on checking against given criteria.
Analyze info Breaking materials into parts to determine structures and relationships.
Apply info Using procedures to carry out a task.
Understand info Constructing meaning from information.
Remember info Using memory to recall facts and definitions.

Learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Associated Technology Tools:
Top Hat Top Hat Piazza Piazza Google Forms Google Forms Google Docs Google Docs Google Assignments Google Assignments