Icebreaker Questions

As a class, in small groups, or pairs, students discuss a question designed to get them to learn about others and consider each others’ perspectives.

In person classes:

  1. Have students split up into small groups or pairs.
  2. Pose one of Heather Holleman’s Building Community questions to the group.
  3. Allow students to discuss the questions with one another.

Online classes: These instructions will be exactly the same as in person classes, but students can be paired in breakout rooms in Zoom instead of turning to a partner in person. It may be a good idea to send a message to all breakout rooms prior to finishing so students know to wrap up their thoughts before returning. Mixed mode classes: Students in mixed mode classes will follow the instructions for in person classes and online classes. To simplify the pairings, have students in person pair with someone else physically in class, and send online students to breakout rooms with other online students.

At a Glance

Ice Breaker Questions

timerClass Time Requirements: < 10 Minutes

timerPreparation Time: Low

Bloom’s Levels:

Create info Putting materials together to form a unique product.
Evaluate info Making judgments based on checking against given criteria.
Analyze info Breaking materials into parts to determine structures and relationships.
Apply info Using procedures to carry out a task.
Understand info Constructing meaning from information.
Remember info Using memory to recall facts and definitions.

Learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Associated Technology Tools:
Zoom Yellowdig Yellowdig VoiceThread VoiceThread Yammer Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) Top Hat Top Hat Piazza Piazza Packback Packback Google Slides Google Slides