What is Google Jamboard?

Update: Google is currently sunsetting Jamboard. The tool will become view-only on October 1, 2024 and will no longer be available after December 31, 2024. After that date, you will no longer be able to view your Jams, and all Jam data will be permanently deleted. Please visit Prepare for Jamboard to Wind Down for more information.

Google Jamboard is an interactive digital whiteboard that allows users to create and edit content independently or in collaboration with others. Users can write and draw, search Google and insert images or webpages, and drag and resize text and images. Image recognition technology converts a sketch into a polished image. Users can also share Jams with others for their review and can be printed out as PDFs.

Accessibility & Privacy

If using this tool, including the following links in your course help meet Quality Matters (QM) Standards 6.4 and 8.6, respectively:

Additional Information

Google Jamboards should be created and shared from faculty and student Penn State accounts. Login to Google using your Penn State credentials. 

At a Glance

person Availability: Students, Faculty, Staff

paid Cost: Free

smartphone Mobile App: Yes

web Canvas Integration: Yes

dvr Supported Technologies: Computer, Mobile device, Internet

alarm Learning Curve: 30 mins

Practical Applications

Pedagogical Goals:

  • Create a Classroom Community
  • Have Asynchronous Conversations
  • Have Synchronous Conversations
  • Increase Student Collaboration Outside of Class
  • Increase Student Participation
  • Obtain Student Feedback
Associated Teaching Activities:
Think Pair Share Think-Pair-Share Muddiest Point Muddiest Point Application Cards Application Cards