Memory Matrix

The Memory Matrix is a table divided into rows and columns used to organize information and illustrate relationships. The completed matrix can be used to help student identify areas that they don’t understand. The instructor can use them to identify areas where students are having problems and they can then provide additional instruction or resources as needed. Students can also use blank versions of the matrix for studying later.

Tools to Consider Using:

  • Pencil and paper (in person)
  • Convert to a Google Doc or Form and share with students prior to class (in person or online). Students can submit by sharing the URL for the file.
  • Canvas assignment (in person or online) - students upload the document or scan their matrix into a pdf and upload.

Evaluation: After completion, students can self-assess with answer key; Provide templates for students to complete for exam review.

At a Glance

Memory Matrix

timerClass Time Requirements: < 10 Minutes

timerPreparation Time: Medium

Bloom’s Levels:

Create info Putting materials together to form a unique product.
Evaluate info Making judgments based on checking against given criteria.
Analyze info Breaking materials into parts to determine structures and relationships.
Apply info Using procedures to carry out a task.
Understand info Constructing meaning from information.
Remember info Using memory to recall facts and definitions.

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Associated Technology Tools:
Top Hat Top Hat Pressbooks OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive H5P H5P Google Docs Google Docs Google Assignments Google Assignments
Associated Teaching Strategies:
Personalized Learning Differentiated Instruction