One Sentence Summary

The One Sentence Summary is a writing activity that can be used to gauge student understanding of a course topic. In this activity, students will write a one sentence summary of the given topic in order to answer the questions “Who/What? Does what? Where? When? How? Why?” in one comprehensive sentence. This tool will provide a snapshot of where students are with course content and allow you address any misconceptions in the next class session. After completing this task, review your students’ responses before your next class session and make a plan to address any common misconceptions and to reinforce common understandings.

Tools to Consider Using

  • Paper and pencil (in person)
  • Google Form (in person or online)
  • Canvas assignment – text entry response (in person or online)
  • Top Hat – assign long answer question type (in person or online)

Evaluation: Review students’ responses; address common misconceptions and reinforce common understandings.

At a Glance

One Sentence Summary

timerClass Time Requirements: < 10 Minutes

timerPreparation Time: Low

Bloom’s Levels:

Create info Putting materials together to form a unique product.
Evaluate info Making judgments based on checking against given criteria.
Analyze info Breaking materials into parts to determine structures and relationships.
Apply info Using procedures to carry out a task.
Understand info Constructing meaning from information.
Remember info Using memory to recall facts and definitions.

Learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Associated Technology Tools:
Yellowdig Yellowdig Top Hat Top Hat Perusall Perusall Packback Packback H5P H5P Google Forms Google Forms Google Docs Google Docs Google Assignments Google Assignments
Associated Teaching Strategies:
Metacognition Reflective Learning