Exam Wrapper

The Exam Wrapper is a tool to facilitate student reflection after an exam and to promote metacognition as students prepare for the next exam. Students complete the exam wrapper (which is a series of reflective questions) after the exam has been taken and a grade has been received in order to create a new study plan. (See image representation of the process below.)

An arrow highlighting the order of steps used for an Exam Wrapper activity. The order is study, take exam, receive feedback, reflection (which is the exam wrapper), and new study plan.

Tools to Consider Using:

  • Pencil and paper (in person)
  • Convert to a Google Form (in person or online)
  • Canvas assignment (in person or online) – quiz or students upload the document

Evaluation: Review students’ plans for change; consider meeting with students who have difficulty identifying effective strategies.

At a Glance

timerClass Time Requirements: 10 Minutes to 1 Hour

timerPreparation Time: Low

Bloom’s Levels:

Create info Putting materials together to form a unique product.
Evaluate info Making judgments based on checking against given criteria.
Analyze info Breaking materials into parts to determine structures and relationships.
Apply info Using procedures to carry out a task.
Understand info Constructing meaning from information.
Remember info Using memory to recall facts and definitions.

Learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Associated Technology Tools:
TurnItIn Turnitin at Penn State Top Hat Top Hat Pressbooks OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive H5P H5P Google Forms Google Forms Google Docs Google Docs Google Assignments Google Assignments
Associated Teaching Strategies:
Metacognition Reflective Learning