What is Sites at Penn State?

Sites at Penn State is hosted by third-party vendor CampusPress and is powered by WordPress. WordPress is an open-source web publishing platform. Features of WordPress include being mobile friendly, the ability to add plugins, and privacy and authentication. Sites at Penn State is commonly used for blogs, portfolios, and department or organization websites.

Accessibility & Privacy

If using this tool, including the following links in your course help meet Quality Matters (QM) Standards 6.4 and 8.6, respectively:

Additional Information

At a Glance

person Availability: Students, Faculty, Staff

paid Cost: Free to PSU

smartphone Mobile App: No

web Canvas Integration: No

dvr Supported Technologies: Computer, Mobile device, Internet

alarm Learning Curve: 2 hrs +

Practical Applications

Pedagogical Goals:

  • Create a Classroom Community
  • Disseminate Info / Deliver Content
  • Support Research and Development
Associated Teaching Activities:
Personal Artifact Personal Artifacts